Why we love Horley

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Horley (where you stay) is to the side of Gatwick

Visitors from abroad often expect to be staying in a place called Gatwick when we collect them from the airport to stay in Horley. However, they are both surprised and delighted to be staying in such a friendly and pleasant town, which has great history and character.

Here are some reasons why-

Horley has a rich history

Ye Olde Six Bells our quaint country inn is reputed to be the second oldest pub in the country with origins dating to the 9th century. The pub gets its name from the bells originally hanging at St Bartholomew’s Church next door.


If you are there in the summer take a walk through the wild flower meadow next door.

Take a Historic walk around the town to see historical landmarks. We have leaflets with the route at Springwood (just ask!)

Horley loves a party

Where some towns no longer have a Carnival, Horley Carnival draws big crowds in June. The town’s folk also take to the streets in April for the St Georges’ Day Fair, Fireworks at the Recreation Ground and even a Christmas Market.

It’s so green

Park life is on the up in Horley. With its nine parks and open spaces, and the Green Chain, the town has variety.

There are few spots in the area that are more beautiful than Riverside Garden Park on a sunny day.

A new skate park opened at Horley Recreation Ground earlier this year, with plans for a new café also in the pipeline and an upgrade of Court Lodge playground also due. Happy days.


Horley has the best of both worlds for shopping

Get your free coffee in Waitrose and some treats now and then. However, you can’t beat the value in Lidl for a big shop.

Or if you need 24/7 retail, there is the mighty Tesco at Hookwood, just up the road.

Independent shops

Like most towns we have too many charity shops and Estate Agents. Although some of our guests like to trawl the charity shops for some holiday reading.

Best though are the independent shops like our own butchers, the odd Boutique but pride of place goes to Collingwood and Batchelor our independent Department store.

We have a Theatre

Yes, the Archway Theatre is as you would expect under the railway arches. The Archway is sponsored by none other than National Treasure and local resident, Dame Judy Dench.

The Archway Theatre is a thriving “little theatre” located under the railway arches in Horley, near Gatwick

Easy travel

As well as being only a five minute drive from Gatwick Airport (though happily not under the flight path), it is an easy journey to London or Brighton from Horley station. A five minute drive gets you to the motorway and further afield.

Surrey countryside all around


We have the added bonus of the beautiful Surrey countryside being literally on the doorstep.

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