Which hotel is closest to Gatwick Airport?

Which hotel is closest to Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick South and North Terminals

Both North and South Terminals have hotels located at the terminals. The Bloc and The Hilton at South Terminal have direct access to the terminal building without having to go outside, which is great.  However, there are a few downsides to staying at the on-airport hotels.

#1  The food is a rip off! 

Because they’ve got you as a captive audience, the hotel and terminal restaurants over charge you for mediocre food.  In fact, none of the restaurants in any of the airport hotels enjoy a great reputation – that is, apart from being pricey!

#2  The Parking is always a total pain!

This is because, if you need to park your car while you are away, you can expect the hassle of having to take it out to one of the Gatwick Long Term car parks and wait for a bus to get you back to the terminal.

Even if you have the time to move it the next morning, you’ll get charged £25 just to have it at the terminal overnight.

Then, when you get back from your holiday, you’ll have to get the bus again out to the long Term Parking facility, hunt your car down and then hand over a tonne of cash before they will let you out!

Don’t forget this also…  Some of long term car parks used by the airport hotels are as much as a 20 minute journey away.  A real drag if you have just come off a long flight, especially as you can wait up to 20 minutes for the bus if you have just missed one.

Springwood – the closest hotel to Gatwick Airport without all the parking hassle and scandalous costs!

When you stay at Springwood, your car stays here (on-site where you left it). You can pop your overnight bag back in the car before you leave.

You can choose your own transfer time and be chauffeur driven in our Electric transfer vehicle.  You’ll arrive at the airport 5 minutes later.

When you arrive back from your holiday or trip, you simply call us for your pick up.  You’ll then be collected within 7 minutes of your call and will be reunited with your car 5 minutes later. What could be easier!

And as for restaurants…

There are 9 local restaurants to choose from, all less than a 10 minute walk from Springwood.  The restaurants in Horley cater to all tastes and budgets.

You’ll receive the information about all of the restaurants when your booking at Springwood is confirmed, so you can book a table at your chosen restaurant.

Then, during your stay, you can enjoy your meal in relaxing surroundings without the hubbub of the airport around you.

You’ll also appreciate knowing that your custom is valued and that you’re not being ripped off!

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