Canny ways to rack up Air Miles

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How to rack up Air Miles…   If like me you thought you had to be a frequent Business Class traveller, to be able to collect a meaningful amount of Air Miles, think again.

The general consensus seems to be that the Avios scheme through British Airways is the most rewarding.

Ways to rack up air miles - Couple on a flight

However, ditch the notion that you have to take loads of flights to earn points.

The least effective way to rack up Air Miles

Taking frequent short haul economy flights is one of the least economical way of earning points.  Interestingly, these are also the least economical way of spending your points.

For example… You have to pay the taxes on flights using Avios points.  So you would have to pay £37 in taxes on an £80 flight to Spain, making it a waste of your points for the remaining £43.

Think long haul and upgrades for the best use of your points.  First Class to Mauritius, here you come!

The secret is to look at where you are shopping

Once you have signed up to the BA Avios scheme, you will see that you can earn Avios points from purchases from up to 1000 retailers, both on the High Street and online. All the big hitters are there, including…  Marks and Sparks, Argos, Curry’s and John Lewis to name but a few.

The amount of points per £1 spent varies from 1 up to 30. There are also loads of introductory offers e.g. order from Deliveroo for a 500 point bonus.

Top 7 ways to earn Air Miles 

  1. Mobile Phone Contracts – You can earn up to 8000 points with a phone contract from Carphone Warehouse and up to 9000 with a 2 year O2 contract.
  2. Utility and Broadband Contracts – You can also earn points by having some of your utility or broadband contracts with suppliers who award Avios points e.g. BT Broadband, PlusNet and Sky.
  3. Car Insurance – Car insurers and breakdown cover companies are also on the list and you can convert your Driver’s club points from Shell garages into Avios points.
  4. Supermarket Loyalty SchemesTesco Club Card points can be converted to Avios. A £2.50 Club Card voucher converts to 600 Avios points.
  5. Air miles credit card – To really rack up air miles points, consider taking out an Avios linked credit card. The one giving the most points is American Express, which offers 1 point for every £1 spent with a 20,000 bonus after you have spent £2,000. You could also consider the BA Premium Plus Amex which pays 1.5 Avios points per £1 spent with a 25,000 bonus after you have spent £3,000 and a two for one flight voucher after you have spent £10,000. Always pay the balance at the end of every month to avoid being hit by the interest.
  6. Introduce a friend – To double your earnings, recommend your partner or friend for a card and receive a 9000 point bonus.
  7. Play the system – To really play the system, cancel the Amex card after receiving your bonus and two-for-one voucher and then reapply after 6 months and earn all over again.

How to get free Air Miles from your upcoming projects / events

As you can see, you have to think ahead and have a strategy to get the most out of the Avios scheme.  If you know you will have a big spend coming up in the future e.g. a DIY project or a wedding, you can make sure all your purchases earn you points and plan how to spend your Air Miles.

For more points you can book holidays through the Avios site too. So you can choose a Tui holiday and click through from Avios.  However, check the price of the holiday if booked directly with Tui, to make sure you are not paying a premium.

Your Avios points stay with you as long as you collect, spend, purchase or share at least one Avios every 36 months — any longer and your Avios points will expire and be removed, so remember to take action before those three years are up.

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