Teachers flying from Gatwick

Save 10% on accommodation by using the coupon code: TEACH

Great news for Teachers Flying from Gatwick this summer

If you’re flying from Gatwick this summer and need somewhere local to stay the night before your flight  (So you don’t miss your flight stuck in traffic!), Springwood Gatwick is the perfect answer!

Here’s why…

5 reasons why Springwood is the perfect optionTeachers flying from Gatwick

#1     You can park directly at Springwood and relax – unlike the big hotels, where you tend to have to park in the Gatwick Long Term and get a bus back to the hotel

#2     Parking at Springwood costs less than the Gatwick long Term Parking – so you’ll save money!

#3     You get a VIP Personal service – The next morning, we chauffeur you directly to departures, relaxed and in good time for your flight.

#4     Upon your return – There’s no hauling luggage on buses to the Long Term Parking followed by a hike to try to find your car!  With Springwood, we simply pick you up and chauffeur you directly to your waiting car

#5     Springwood is an Adult Only guest house – So there’s not a child in sight!

Springwood is a beautiful art deco themed guest house, just 5 minutes from both the Gatwick North Terminal and South Terminal.

Save 10% on accommodation by using the coupon code:  TEACH

You can also book by Telephone on 01293 775 998 (remember to mention that you are a Teacher)

 How does the Springwood Experience compare to the Big Gatwick hotels?

Big Gatwick hotels

  • As you approach Gatwick, you join the Gatwick one way system and hunt for your hotel
  • Park in the multi story car park
  • Haul your luggage to the hotel reception
  • Haul your luggage to your room (up to 5 minutes away in the hotel)
  • The hotel then drives your car to the Long Term Parking where it will stay for the duration of your trip
  • Next morning, eat breakfast in the busy restaurant
  • Collect your luggage from your room, up to 5 minutes away, haul it to reception and queue up to go through check out along with 50 other customers
  • Haul your luggage back to the airport down the walkways provides


  • Arrive at the Hotel and park
  • Check in and relax
  • The next morning, enjoy a relaxed breakfast in our bright and airy breakfast room
  • Relax as we chauffeur you to departures (all 5 minutes away)


The biggest hassle that most travellers who need to stay at Gatwick the night before a flight suffer  is this…

Having to park off-site in one of those long-term-car-parks

Then having to haul their luggage on a bus just to get back to the airport

It’s a total pain and the parking costs a small fortune!

Springwood is a much better way to start your trip

It’s just 5 minutes from the airport, but the key thing is –

You can park straight at the Hotel and we look after you car while you’re away

Even better…

Breakfast and return airport transfers are ‘all included’ in the room rate!

Springwood is great !

It’s a luxurious art deco themed Guest House with beautifully stylish bedrooms  and en-suites that guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep

The next day we simply chauffeur you to the airport. Ready for your flight (all 5 minutes away)

Springwood… it’s “Stay, park and fly”…  but without all the hassle and ‘rip-off’ parking

That’s why…

For Teachers flying from Gatwick this summer (who need somewhere local to stay the night before your flight), Springwood is the perfect answer!