August 2019 Special Offer – Hotel with Parking on site

Book directly with Springwood and get a 15% discount on your accommodation when you book a stay with us anytime in August 2019

This includes all the usual extras, such as…

  • A choice of lovely Art Deco guest rooms to choose from
  • Excellent continental breakfast (There’s also an ‘early bird’ self service option if you’ve got a super early flight check in)
  • FREE Transfer to the airport (just a 5 minute trip)
  • FREE Collection from the airport, back to Springwood (to collect your car) upon your return from your holiday or business trip
  • On site holiday parking, which is very good value!
  • FREE Nespresso coffee and cakes available every afternoon during check-in between 3:30 – 5:30 pm
  • Springwood Rewards.  If you’re a regular customer, you can earn points towards FREE accommodation or Holiday Parking

Gatwick hotel with parking on site

How to get your August 2019 15% discount

When you book your stay anytime in August 2019, your discount will be automatically applied

If you’re searching for…

Gatwick hotels with parking on site

Springwood offers on-site parking.  You literally just turn up, park and relax!  Your car will be kept here, safe at Springwood for the duration of your trip.

Gatwick hotel and parking south terminal

Many of our guests fly from the South Terminal.  One of the main reasons they stay at Springwood is because, the parking is a lot more convenient.  At Springwood, you arrive, park and relax.  There’s nothing more to do with your car! The alternative of staying at one of the ‘on airport’ South Terminal Hotels always involves more hassle!  This is because the Gatwick hotel with parking at the south terminal, don’t offer holiday parking on site.  One way or another, you have to somehow get your car into one of the Gatwick Long Term parking facilities.  Which of course means, you have to also go through the same aggravation, when you get back from your holiday i.e. hump your luggage on shuttle buses, and then hunt your car down in one of the massive car parks.  And then pay the huge ‘rip off’ parking fees!

Gatwick hotel and parking north terminal

Gatwick hotel and parking north terminal, is the same story!  People stay at Springwood to avoid having to stay at Gatwick North Terminal hotels, because of all the hassle dealing with car parking.  In addition to this, most people don’t like all the expensive parking costs.  In some cases the hotels even charge you for parking on the night of your actual stay.  This can be as much as £25!!!  Springwood would never do that.  At Springwood, the night of your stay, the parking is FREE.  In addition to this, at Springwood, the holiday parking is much better value too.

Checkout the Springwood video

It covers the main benefits of staying at Springwood when compared to staying at the Big Hotels located on the actual airport…