Special Interest Holidays

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We are all familiar with holidays catering for skiers or cyclists but what about holidays offering opportunities for learning about a whole range of other interests.

If you have a busy life with a limited amount of time to spend on your hobbies, this is a great way to indulge your passion in a relaxing atmosphere.

Here are a few of the top special interest holidays to rouse your interest-


Whether you are just a listener or a musician at any level, there is something for every musical taste and ability.

Soak up the sounds and rhythms of Cuba with a holiday which includes workshops with local musicians and nights out to live music venues. There are opportunities for group or private lessons to brush up your skills. Also group singing and percussion workshops. Rum may be taken!


Music Holidays - Musicians on beach

Want to improve your fiddle or guitar playing? Enjoy a week with other musicians in south west France.  Surrounded by vines and sunflowers with time to just enjoy playing, your spirits are sure to soar.


Prefer something a bit more highbrow- where better to see an Italian opera than in the magnificent setting of the Roman amphitheater in Verona.

Roman amphitheater in Verona - Special Interest Holidays



Having a stroll around the food market is always a pleasure wherever you are on holiday. Colourful and busy, you get the chance to mix with the locals and see what they are buying. Although sometimes you may be mystified as to how you would use what’s on offer. The same can be true of street food and what to order in restaurants.

The solution is to book a cookery class. Whether you go for a full on cookery holiday or just one class for an afternoon, you will go away more knowledgeable and inspired with another string to your culinary bow.

If cooking while you are on holiday sounds too much like hard work, fear not, you won’t be doing any of the boring bits like clearing up or pot washing. It’s all done for you.

Special Interest Holidays Cooking - Image showing a market

Cooking holidays have become increasingly popular, indeed this company offers cooking holidays in a whole range of destinations from Australia to Vietnam.


Painting and Drawing

The beauty of taking a painting holiday is of course you have the opportunity to paint or sketch quite different landscapes in different scenic locations.

Most painting holidays offer some tuition so you can improve your skills.

If you enjoy drawing and painting, you are probably interested in all art. Many painting holidays include visiting galleries with the benefit of your own guide.

Special Interest Holidays Painting and Drawing

www.spencerscotttravel.com/escorted-holidays/painting-holidays/ offer painting holidays to a big range of destinations with expert tuition/

Language Courses

If you are struggling with your Italian verb conjugation in the chill of your local evening class, imagine soaking up the language in the shade of an olive grove.

Whatever language you are studying you will find a holiday which combines language lessons with absorbing the local culture. You can try out your new skills talking to the locals and get the practise that will make you confident.

For variety and reinforcement of the language in another arena, you can combine a language with another interest: for example Spanish and Dance or French and cookery. www.golearnto.com

Special Interest Holidays Spanish and Dance

Birdwatching, Wildlife and Botany

Whatever aspect of the natural world fascinates you, travelling to follow your passion offers tremendous opportunities to learn more.

We regularly see the clients of Naturetrek when they return from their nature holidays. They sparkle with enthusiasm, thrilled with chase to see their target species. http://www.naturetrek.co.uk

Special Interest Holidays Naturetrekb Tiger


Everyone likes to take a few snaps on holiday but serious photographers are continually looking to improve their skills with different subjects.

There are many companies offering photography holidays. The best have an expert to help you learn and take you to the most photogenic sites when the light is right. https://photography-holidays.co.uk/

Special Interest Photography Holidays

Genghis Khan Warrior Training in Mongolia

This was my personal favourite when researching for this article.

Highlights of this trip include, horse riding, archery, weapon making, learning how to herding and lasso horses, battle tactics, wrestling, campfire building, meeting nomadic families and tasting Mongolian milk vodka.


Special Interest Holidays Mongolia Genghis Khan Warriors on horseback

Go on, release your inner warrior!

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