Skiing Avoiding the French School Holidays

If you’ve ever booked a ski holiday in the French Alps without checking when the French school holidays fall, the chances are you’ve experienced the nightmare of arriving at the slopes only to find thousands of kids everywhere and huge lift queues.

Skiing avoiding the French School Holidays

There can’t be anything worst!  You know, looking forward to an invigorating ski holiday and ending up spending your time in queues of unruly people – like a bun fight just to move a few inches forward!

Everyone loves kids but there are times when the sight of them crowding the slopes makes your heart sink.

Apart from the hellish lift queues, weaving around children on the slopes can play havoc with your attempts to improve your technique.

So here what you need to know for Skiing Avoiding the French School Holidays

For school-holiday purposes, France is divided into three zones: in recent years and for the coming years, all three zones have the same school holiday calendar from the start of the school year, in September, until the end of January. It is only the winter and spring holidays that differ – precisely in order to spread the season for French winter sports resorts.

So their February half term week can be any time between 10th February and 11th March. Their 2 week Spring holiday is any time between 7th April and 6th May.

Of course local kids will take to the slopes at weekends so you may want to take this into consideration by booking say, a ten day break incorporating only one weekend. Or, if time is short a five day Monday to Friday break.

A new piece of technology is now in place in Val Thorens which tells skiers at the bottom of key lifts, how busy each slope is. They have placed sensors on each run which measures the human traffic. The information is displayed on screens so skiers can choose a quieter piste.

If you are an experienced skier, book a local guide to really break away from the crowd and ski off- piste.

Skiing Avoiding the French School Holidays (post by Springwood Gatwick)

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