Skiing from Gatwick?  or should we say…  Flying from Gatwick for your skiing holiday?

Skiing from Gatwick

If you’re skiing from Gatwick and you need a really nice Gatwick Hotel with parking directly onsite, you should definately check out Springwood.

Here’s why...

#1    When you stay at Springwood… You avoid the ‘expensive’ Gatwick Long Term parking

#2    You get a better quality stay experience (including a FREE chauffeur service to the airport on the morning of your flight – and – from the airport to your car, on your return)

#3    You get a boutique hotel experience – rather than the kind of ‘corporate bed bank’ experience you get with many of the BIG hotels

Check out this video, it explains all…

Here’s why, when it comes staying at Gatwick the night before an early flight, more and more skiers are choosing Springwood

i/    You leave your car at Springwood for the duration of your ski holiday – You simply turn up, park and relax – and your car will be looked after for the duration of your ski trip

Springwood is one of the few Gatwick hotels that can provide onsite parking for the full duration of your trip.  And that’s within the hotels actual on-site car park.

In comparison… With the big hotels, you generally have to park in one of the Gatwick long term parking facilities that surround the airport.  So you either have to move your car to the Long Term the night before or on the morning of your flight – What a total pain that can be!

What’s even worst…  You’ve got it all again when you return from your ski holiday i.e. another trip on the bus hauling your ski gear, followed by ‘hunt the car’ in the Long Term Gatwick parking and then the joy of a ‘The Huge Parking Bill’ to increase your credit card debt!

Remember…  Because Springwood is a Gatwick Hotel with Parking Onsite, you literally just turn up and relax!

Here’s Springwood…

ii/    At Springwood, the parking the night of your stay is FREE

Plus… the parking at Springwood (while your away) almost always costs less than the Gatwick Long Term Parking – so you’ll have more money to spend on yourself while you’re away

iii/    Springwood also provide a FREE chauffeur service (to and from the airport)

This is to deliver you to the airport (all 5 minutes away) on the morning of your flight and also, to collect your from the airport (and return you directly to your car), when you arrive home.  There’s Literally NO need to haul your luggage or skis anywhere!

Skiers absolutely love the convenience of staying at Springwood including, the lower cost parking and the experience of staying at one of Gatwick’s top boutique B&B hotels

Here’s what the rooms look like…

Skiing from Gatwick Hotel the night before flight

Here’s what your pre ski holiday breakfast will look like

Here’s what people are saying about Springwood…


Delightful guesthouse, made more so by its Art Deco theme. Only a few minutes from Gatwick (but not under the flight path!). B&B, airport transfers, car parking… all taken care of without a hitch and at a VERY reasonable price. Would definitely recommend Springwood

Stay and Parking

We were very happy with the service provided regarding the parking of our car whilst on holiday. All instructions were clear and quickly sent to us. The free transfer to/from airport is big bonus.

Simply Wonderful

The only negative I can say about this delightful abode is that there is no Springwood Two at Heathrow Airport! If like us, you are tired of overinflated prices for below standard accommodation the night prior to your holiday, then I can’t recommend Springwood Guest House enough. Spotlessly clean, rich in beautiful fabrics and bed linen and classic in design.  Springwood encourages peace and tranquillity before the frantic nature of Gatwick Departure’s, right down to the almost silent electric car that drop you off at the terminal!

Getting a great night’s sleep before a ski holiday is essential.  No one wants to arrive in the ski resort sleep exhausted.  You want to arrive fresh and ready to go!

Gatwick pre ski flight hotel with parking on site

That’s why skiers love Springwood for an over night stay before flying from Gatwick.

When skiing from Gatwick, staying at Springwood takes away the need to get up in the early hours of the morning, just to get to the airport on time -whilst risking getting stuck in traffic and missing your flight.

Gatwick Hotel with Parking Onsite

Don’t forget, with Springwood… You can park directly at the guest house and leave your car in our private car park for the duration of your trip.

Springwood is…  Easier, More Convenient  and More Cost Effective

Skiing from Gatwick

Book your room at Springwood today

Even if you’re only thinking of booking airport parking. Get a quote from Springwood.

We do also offer parking only deals

However, oftentimes it’s worth comparing Springwoods prices for a Gatwick hotel and parking deal – You may be tempted to stay the night, in addition to taking advantage of our excellent long term parking deals.

An overnight stay at Gatwick for early flights helps you avoid the early-morning drive and the risk missing your flight due to getting stuck in heavy traffic!

Skiing from Gatwick – Springwood – The pre Ski Holiday Gatwick Hotel with Parking Onsite