Park and Fly Hotels at Gatwick

This article compares the service/value offered by the big park and fly hotels at Gatwick – with Springwood (a small hotel with a focus on service and attention to detail)

With 12 individually styled guest rooms, Springwood is one of the nicest  park and fly hotels at Gatwick.

What’s more, being just 5 minutes from the airport, with full on-site parking (and with free transfers included), it’s also one of the most convenient and hassle free places to stay!

Park and Fly Hotels at Gatwick

Luxury Double Room at Springwood

Which Park and fly Hotels at Gatwick offer you the best deal?

When looking for Gatwick hotels with parking on site, there are three things to consider:

  • Accommodation
  • Parking
  • What’s included


Big Gatwick hotels

    • Rooms tend to generic – often tired looking as the result of high traffic
    • Service – tends to be impersonal


    • Rooms are all individually styled
    • Service – focus is on providing a personalized high standard service
Park and Fly Hotels at Gatwick - Showing a Luxury Guest Room

Springwood Guest Room


Big Gatwick Hotels

With the big Gatwick Hotels, you can generally only park at the hotel the night of your stay.  After that, your car has to be moved to one of the Gatwick Long Term parking facilities.  In addition to being inconvenient, it’s also expensive.  The Gatwick Long Term Parking fees are no joke!


Unlike the Big Gatwick Hotels, you can park directly at Springwood in our on-site car park, where your car will stay for the duration pf your trip.

This is one of the biggest advantages you get when you stay at Springwood.  You avoid all the hassle and rip off parking charges you’ll get from using the big Gatwick hotels that solve their lack of onsite parking problem by partner up with the long term parking operators.

What’s included

Big Gatwick hotels

Here’s the catch…  They charge extra for almost everything.  Watch this!

Here are just a few of the sneaky extras you’re likely to end up being charged for…

#1 Parking on the night of your stay. Up to £25 extra

#2 Breakfast chargeable as an extra – £15 per head

#3  Off site parking almost always ends up being a rip off

#4  For big hotels located off airport – Transfers to and from the airport – extra £5 per head – each way


        When you book direct with Springwood, there are NO additional/extra charges for anything – ZERO!

The Single Biggest hassle with Gatwick Park and Fly Hotels

The biggest hassle that most travelers report is dealing with the inconvenience and cost of holiday parking that comes as the result of booking a hotel that can’t provide on-site holiday parking.

Gatwick Hotel Parking South Terminal

Think about it…

The whole point of taking a holiday is to

    • Recharge your batteries
    • Get some R&R
    • Do something exciting
    • Get away from the reality of life for a bit
    • And come home feeling relaxed and refreshed

So how will a tonne of parking hassle before you leave (and again upon your return), followed by being fleeced for parking, help you arrive home feeling relaxed and refreshed?  It Won’t!!!

At Springwood, after your holiday/trip, you’ll arrive back at Gatwick to be greeted by the smiling face of our driver, who will whisk you back to your car (which will be waiting for you at Springwood – where you left it)…  Brilliant!

We’ll ‘pull out all the stops’ to provide the kind of service, that makes arriving home a pleasure rather than a miserable experience.

Book one of our fabulous rooms today, and have a great hassle free stay the night before your flight and arrive home feeling great!!!

Check out our video…

Here’s Springwood…

Gatwick Hotel with Parking on Site

Springwood Gatwick