Naturetrek and Wildlife Watching

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Naturetrek and Wildlife Watching

We have been working with Naturetrek; the specialist wildlife tour company, for over 2 years now. We accommodate their Guides and clients prior to tours leaving from Gatwick.

I have yet to travel with them myself but I am in the unique position of having met scores of their clients before and after their wildlife trips. What a lovely bunch they are, interested in new things as well as knowledgeable about their own particular interests.

Not just for experts

That’s not to say you need to be an expert to join one of their tours, far from it. They cater for novices and experienced wildlife and bird watchers. Their clients always report well organised tours with friendly and knowledgeable guides.

The thing that has really struck me is how I can see a difference in NT clients when they come back from their holiday. It seems that the experience of seeing wildlife brings about subtle changes. They are more confident, relaxed and animated even after the dreary airport experience. I hear their excited tales of finally sighting that elusive bird or mammal as soon as I collect them from the airport.

A bit of ‘googling’ has led me to academic research which confirms that wildlife watching really does have many psychological benefits.

Among other treats, sightings of the rare Iberian Lynx have been many over the last year by our guests on the Lynx Watching in Spain tours.


Image credit Herrminio Muniz

I have viewed the Naturetrek web site many times and forgotten my original purpose as I have been captivated by the stunning photography and fascinating information about the many tours they offer.

Get Involved

Even if you can’t travel just now you can take part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. Everyone can get involved so you too can get the benefits from appreciating the wildlife in your own garden.

Naturetrek Wildlife Watching

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Happy Birding!


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