Kind Guests

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No Act of kindness,

                no matter how small,

                         is ever wasted   – Aesop



We always try to be kind to our guests but it is not all one way traffic. We are lucky enough to have a lovely clientele who are also kind in return.

Here are some examples

One day when I was really stressed I noticed the postman had left a parcel in the porch. I couldn’t think what it could be.

See below.

It bought a tear to my eye and a spring in my step for the rest of the day.



Gifts from abroad

We certainly don’t expect gifts but some guests like to bring a little something from their own country to give to the people they meet on their trip. We have guests from all corners of the globe. I have been the happy recipient of gifts from guests from abroad.

These have included, Paprika from Hungary and a book of Hungarian recipes; Slivovitz from Slovakia; Vodka from Russia; wild Oregano from Turkey; chocolate from Switzerland; honey cakes from Germany; nuts from Spain and many more.

Here is a little memento from my guests recently arrived from China.


Our UK guests are also often thoughtful with gifts of produce from their gardens in the summer (‘we just picked the rest of the tomatoes in the greenhouse’) or, locally sourced food. We have had some lovely locally produced cheese and clotted cream from Devon.

Some guests also send cards which is lovely. This is my favourite




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