Hotels near Gatwick with shuttle service

If you’re looking for a hotel near Gatwick with a transfer service to the airport, read on… 

Hotels near Gatwick with shuttle service

Amy Johnson room at Springwood Gatwick

Gatwick Hotels with free shuttle service – What you need to know…

You’d think that this would be pretty straight forward but there are a number of things worth taking into consideration, especially if you want a stress free start (and end) to your holiday!

#1  Check how far away your hotel actually is from the airport

Don’t take what they say at face value. There are a number of hotels saying they are only a five minute drive, when they are in fact much further.  For example, one which claims to be 5 minutes away is actually 6.5 miles away – which is a 15 minute drive! and it is at the top of a very steep hill.  Treacherous in the winter, especially if it’s icy!

While traffic is usually free flowing around the airport, there are always exceptions.

If you book one of these hotels that are a 15 minute drive away, it’s a good idea to use a Traffic App on your phone to have a quick look at the traffic as soon as you get up in the morning.  Then, if the traffic looks problematic, you can at least leave earlier.

#2  Find out what sort of vehicle you will be travelling in

Some hotels use the big busses, which are often full.  So you could find yourself having to stand up (hanging onto a pole) for whole journey during busy periods.

in contrast, some Gatwick B&Bs use their own cars.  You could find this OK but you could find yourself sitting on dog hairs and surrounded by the family’s detritus.

#3  Will your transfer involve stopping at other hotels?

Some busses are shared with several hotels.  So your journey may well involve stops along the way – What a pain!

#4  How frequent is the transfer service

Gatwick Hotels which are furthest out tend only to run transfers every 30 minutes or so.  This means, if you’ve just missed one, you’ll find yourself facing a 25 minute wait in the cold, until the next one comes around.

#5  Some Gatwick hotels arrange transfers by calling local taxis

This could be fine or you could find yourself waiting and waiting.

Also…  The taxis do not have a dedicated pick up and drop off point at the airport.  This means, they have to queue with the general public to get into the airport.

#6  Do you have to pay extra for the transfer?

Some hotels charge extra for transfers – up to £8 per person (each way). This is a really ‘pesky extra’ to have to pay for each way and for each person!

So for comparison… Here’s what you get with Springwood

If you choose Springwood, you will be chauffeur driven in our ‘all electric’ liveried vehicle at the time of your choice. Springwood is 1.7 miles from the airport, just a five minute drive.  You’ll need to allow yourself another 10 minutes to wend you way through the airport to get to your check in desk.

We have a dedicated pick up and drop off point at both Gatwick South Terminal and Gatwick North Terminal, and have a licence with the airport for this service.

On your return, you simply call from the ‘pick up point’ and you will be collected within 7 minutes.

If you book directly with Springwood, 24 hour return transfers are included FREE of charge.

Hotels near Gatwick Airport with free shuttle service

So in summary, with Springwood you get…

  • Fast transfers (literally just 5 minutes to the airport)
  • Transfers when you want – no waiting or hanging around
  • Transfers are FREE when you book direct
  • You Travel in our new – electric powered vehicle
  • Dedicated pick up points at the airport

No standing up in packed busses hanging on to poles

No waiting

No long transfer times

No stopping along the route to pick up other passengers

No sitting on dog hairs or among peoples personal junk!

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