Going The Extra Mile

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FB Blog - We Go The Extra MileWe are very proud that we are able to help our guests with things that a larger hotel probably wouldn’t care about.  Just some example of how we have gone the extra mile for our guests this month include …

We booked Special Assistance for Mr & Mrs D the night before they flew. They hadn’t realised that it was available (you should book it with your Carrier at the time of booking) and it prevented Mrs D having to struggle walking with her injured hip.

Mr & Mrs N’s elderly Volvo decided it would start on their return from their holiday in Turkey.  We have extra long jump leads so we were able to give them a jump start and they were soon on their way home.

Mr & Mrs M from the USA are on a 50 night tour around Europe so we printed their boarding passes ready for their next leg to Madeira. Mrs M also managed to fit in a service at a local church after breakfast as we gave her a quick lift to get there in time.

Almost panic stations one morning as Sarah put her bag into the boot of their VW Touareg, closed the boot and then heard her car keys chirrup from inside the car locking it with their luggage passports and everything inside! Fortunately they weren’t flying for a few hours (to Trinidad). We first called VW, who were no help at all and simply suggested breaking a window!  Eventually after much ‘googling’ we got a local mobile Auto Locksmith who opened it in a trice. Sarah was so relieved to be able to continue her journey to see her Dad who she hadn’t seen for 3 years.

We are looking forward to finding out if Hettie was successful after her interview at the Virgin Base. She looked stunning for the early appointment only to find her tights were laddered. Luckily we always keep a few spare pairs of new tights in case of emergency!

Mr and Mrs N and their friends arrived early enough on the day of their stay to be able to have a wander around Horley before they had dinner.  Mr N bought himself a pair of sandals for the holiday but it was only the next morning, just before they were due to fly out, that he realised they had sold him two left feet!   We simply set off a bit earlier for the airport, took them to the shop on the way and he was able to get them changed.

Mr & Mrs G were very organised with their luggage when they arrived and left their big cases in Reception overnight. It was only in the morning that Mr G found he had lost the key to the little padlock on the zip of his case. A hacksaw did the job!

Anna from Wales was parking and staying with us recently after a late return from Lanzarote. She called before they left to ask if she could have her wedding dress which was in London delivered here while they were away rather than pay the carriage to Wales. No problem. It was a pleasure.

As you can see, our guests really do matter to us, and we pride ourselves on making their holiday as stress free as possible!

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