How To Get The Art Deco Look

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How to get the Art Deco look – Have fun by being your own interior designer

Art Deco is increasingly influencing today’s high end interior designers looking for a more tailored formal style, a possible backlash against shabby chic.

Crucially, if you embrace the Art Deco style it will always look ‘modern’. Art Deco design was the birth of modernity and many of it’s themes are ‘borrowed’ in today’s designs. So you won’t find yourself with the latest decorating fad only to find it has gone out of vogue.

Most of us are not in the league of engaging eye wateringly expensive interior designers next time we decide to decorate the front room so here are some ideas which will help you to ‘do it yourself’

Art Deco Fairs

You could go to many of the Art Deco Fairs which tour the country and replace all of your furniture with original Art Deco pieces – make sure you have very deep pockets though!

Certainly, the Art Deco Fairs are a good place to imbue the style and look longingly at pieces like this.


Art Deco Table

Art Deco Dining

When we were doing the rooms here at Springwood, I knew that our budget would not stretch to what I call ‘high end’ original Art Deco furniture in every room.

My starting point was always the clean lines and geometric shapes that typify Art Deco design. This was a back lash against the flowing lines and organic shapes of its predecessor Art Nouveau.

How to get the Art Deco look

Art Deco Shapes

How to use the shapes

These shapes can be used in many different ways. You can buy some beautiful Art Deco inspired wallpapers. To ramp up the look we used a number of different Deco shapes to build wall frames on the walls and then used Deco inspired wallpaper within the frame. I’m sure many of you will recognise this room.

Art Deco room

Our Odeon Room

You can see the shape reversed on the curtain pelmet. The bed runner is finished at an angle and the triangles are replicated on the cushions.

I found these bedside cabinets at a local auction. They are a great Art Deco style but were not expensive. I understood the reason when I went to look at them. They originally formed each side of a dressing table. So not valuable antiques but pretty and functional furniture with the Art Deco look.

You can see the use of the shapes again in this stylish mirror.

Art Deco

Art Deco Mirror

Spot the shapes giving feature to this room. The zigzag pattern in the soft furnishing, also in the corner where the wall meets the ceiling, you can see one of the plaster corner decals. These can be bought online and easily fitted.


You can use prints and pictures to enhance your theme. In this room I used prints of the iconic Transport Posters by the French artist Cassandre.

Mood Boards

If you like using mood boards, there are available online. Or, if you prefer, start a physical board where you can add swatches of fabric and colours to see how they work together. Here are a few of my swatches.

Normandy Room










Having soft furnishings professionally made is quite costly but gives a luxurious finish that cannot be be produced using ready made curtains. You can make savings by sourcing your own fabric. Always think ahead about other accessories you may want to have made in the same fabric. Here is an example of up- cycling: a very inexpensive old chair given a new lease of life.

Up cycled Chair

While we do have many original Art Deco pieces, don’t be afraid to use reproduction pieces to augment the ‘look’.

This reproduction lamp finishes off this work space which now there is a big mirror on the wall also doubles as a dressing table.


I hope these few thoughts have given you some inspiration. It need not cost a fortune to design a room in the Art Deco style. Designing it yourself and on a budget adds to the thrill of the chase. See you on Ebay!


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