Gatwick Restaurant Review

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Restaurants ‘Airside’ at Gatwick Airport

Read our Gatwick Restaurant Review below. Airports are not known for their culinary delights and an expensive meal can often turn out to be a disappointment.

Gatwick Restaurant Review

I have scoured all the Reviews on Trip Advisor (to save you doing it) to come up with a current consensus of opinion on what they have to offer.

There are numerous coffee shops and outlets for snacks at the airport but I have concentrated on those serving meals.

Trip Advisor awards up 5 ‘stars’ based on all aspects of reviews posted. It is telling that none of Gatwick’s restaurants have managed that accolade!

Sadly there are a number of them who don’t even make 3 so I have not included them.

The most striking thing about analysing the reviews is the contrasting opinions. Even the ones earning 4 stars have the odd very disgruntled diner who posts a poor review. As with all service industries it can depend on who happens to be working that day.

Gatwick Restaurant Review

Armadilli Café & Grill (North Terminal)

3.5 Stars

Serves ‘Santa Fe inspired food’ offering a varied menu which includes the ubiquitous burger as well as some more exotic dishes.

Gatwick Restaurant Review

Caviar House & Prunier (North & South Terminal)

4 Stars

Serving mainly seafood (although there are some non- fish options) I have to confess that this is my venue of choice.

The consensus is that it is quite pricey but nice for a treat. The prices and the mainly seafood menu make it less popular than many of the other restaurants so less of a ‘bun fight’ to get something before your flight.

Gatwick Restaurant Review

Comptoir Libanais (North Terminal)

4 stars

A taste of the Middle East has come to Gatwick with dips, mezzes, flatbreads, tagines and wraps.

Mostly good reviews on food occasional staff issues.

Gatwick Restaurant Review

Garfunkels (North Terminal)

3.5 stars

A familiar chain with a wide menu including breakfast, burgers, pizzas etc.

The reviews are a mixed bag from ‘Terrible’ to ‘Great’. Diners sometimes not happy with slow or grumpy service.

Gatwick Restaurant Review

 Grain Store (South Terminal)

No TA page for Gatwick yet. London branch 3.5 stars

This is the newest addition to the restaurants at Gatwick. It has a big write up about locally sourced food and a varied menu on the Gatwick site and it sounds wonderful.

However, I did find a review on the London TA page from someone who had eaten at the new Gatwick Grain Store, only 1 star and a very disgruntled diner who paid £20.50 for breakfast with a coffee and orange juice.

The Grain Store are part of the new Gatwick promise to serve food within 15 minutes of ordering. So at least you know it will be quick!

Gatwick Restaurant Review

Jamie’s Italian (North Terminal) 3 stars

As you can gather from the rating there are lots of really scathing reviews which mixed with the better ones have bought down their score.

The good thing is though, that this is the only restaurant at Gatwick who answer their TA reviews and want to know more from dissatisfied diners.  This is a sign that they do want to improve.

Gatwick Restaurant Review

Nandos (South Terminal)

3 stars

Well known Afro-Portugese chain serving flame grilled chicken. If you are not familiar with Nando’s many of the dishes are spicy. The menu gives you an idea how hot the dishes are.

Some complaints about food, but more about poor service. I guess most people using Nando’s would already have an idea of the food they are likley to get.

Gatwick Restaurant Review

The Flying Horse (South Terminal)

3 stars

This a Wetherspoons pub serving similar food to the High Street Wetherspoons only rather more expensive.

Complaints are mostly about the food but also about the service.

They do a range of Craft beers which have gained them a good few positive reviews.

Gatwick Restaurant Review

The Red Lion (North Terminal)

3.5 stars

Another Wetherspoon’s pub serving the usual fare.

Most of the reviewers are fairly happy with the food. However, the staff come in for a good deal of criticism.  Also It would also seem to be mad busy a lot of the time making it very difficult to even get to the bar. Let alone get served.

Given that this is the case, they have done well to get the 3.5 stars.


Wagamama (North and South Terminal)

4 stars

Japanese and Asian chain restaurant. There are only 19 reviews but almost all of them are positive.

They also have an English breakfast menu which would seem to be well received.

Only one complaint about slow service.

Gatwick Restaurant Review

Wonder Tree (South Terminal)

4 stars

Family restaurant, offering two-speed dining. Help yourself in the café or relax over a leisurely meal in the restaurant.

There is a big contrast in the reviews, from excellent 5 star reviews to terrible 1 star reviews.

On the whole the reviews about breakfast were very good. It is the odd review where the service has been poor that let them down.


Clearly the food and the level of service has some way to go at Gatwick and the very mixed reviews show that it can be a lottery.

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Gatwick Restaurant Review

It might be better than joining the lottery above and spend what you save in the Duty Free!

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