Gatwick hotels with parking

When staying at Gatwick the night before a flight, the one thing that almost always causes travellers the most hassle, is dealing with parking and hotel-to-airport transfers.

Here’s a little guide covering the main options available when it comes to Gatwick hotels with parking

Essentially, if you want an easy life, this is what you want…

 #1    Arrive, park in the hotel car park and know your car will be there safe, until you return from your holiday or trip

#2    Stay in a nice clean comfortable room

#3    Get a fast, efficient FREE transfer both to and from the airport (on the morning of your flight and upon your return).

Tip 1…    Stick to hotels within 2 miles of airport to avoid long transfers

Main options for Gatwick Hotels with Parking

 Hotels with parking at Gatwick tend to come with one of the following scenarios

#1 Gatwick Hotel with on-site parking

This is your most convenient option.

You drive directly to the hotel, park your car, where it will remain for the duration of your holiday or business trip.

Just make sure your hotel offers FREE transfers to the airport and that the hotel is not more than 2 miles away from the airport, otherwise, you may find yourself ‘sitting in traffic’ on a bus (or Taxi) worrying about missing your flight!

The main on-airport hotels DON’T offer this, because they don’t have enough parking capacity on-site.

Look for..  Hotels within 2 miles of the airport offering FREE Transfers

Hassle factor zero

Typical Hotel in this category – Springwood Gatwick – (5 minutes from the airport with on-site parking and FREE Transfers both ways)

Gatwick hotels with parking

Springwood Gatwick

Tip 2…  Check that the room rate includes FREE Transfers both ‘to the airport on departure’ and ‘from the airport upon your return’.  Some cheeky hotels charge extra but don’t advertise this fact!

 #2    Gatwick Hotel + off-site parking

Less convenient if you plan to arrive by car – because of all the on-airport parking hassles!

This is often branded as ‘Secure Parking’ because it sound more appealing than off-site parking

These are your main On Airport Hotels (The Big Chain Hotels)

You initially park at the hotel you’ve booked.

Your car stays in the hotel car park overnight.  Surprisingly, often you have to pay for that!

Then, in the morning, you have to drive your car to one of the off-site Gatwick Long Term parking facilities.  Once you’ve driven your car to the off-site parking facility, you then have to catch a bus back to the airport either hauling your luggage with you or rendezvousing with your luggage that you left at the hotel.  Then off to check-in.

Alternatively, some of the hotel can arranges for your car to be driven to a remote location by someone from the parking company.  It’s a personal preference thing!  People with expensive cars are not always crazy about the idea of a guy on minimum wage, driving their cars around!

Hassle factor 8  (your car is the problem for the on airport hotels)

Typical Hotel in this category – The Hilton

#3 Gatwick Hotel + Meet and Greet service

Meet and Greet is a kind of valet parking service.

Typically, you park your car at the hotel overnight, then the morning/day of your flight, you drive to the airport to a pre-agreed place where you rendezvous with a Valet.

Then’ while you head off to catch your flight, the Valet drives your car off to an off-site parking facility.  When you arrive back from your trip, it works in reverse.

It sounds all very convenient BUT…

The downside to this is, cost and the risk of not making a successful rendezvous with the Valet.

‘Meet and Greet Nightmares’

There are all kinds of stories about Meet and Greet Nightmares, where the Valet didn’t turn up and at the last minute, the traveller is stuck with their car at the airport with little time to deal with the problem before a flight.

Also again, you have to be happy with a complete stranger driving your car!

Risks – They are of course all ‘fully insured’.  But what does that mean?  What happens if your car comes back dented or scratched – missing petrol – thrashed with mechanical problems?  Did you photograph it all around before the Valet drove off in it?  How can you prove mechanical damage wasn’t there before they took it?  Fat chance of getting reimbursed!!!

Hassle factor 5

#4 Gatwick Hotels with on-site parking over 2 miles from the airport

The risk here is – missing your flight stuck in traffic!

The further away you stay from the airport, the greater the risk of you finding yourself stuck in traffic on the morning of your flight worrying about missing your flight.

Also, many of these hotels charge for transfers to and from the airport – More hidden expense you don’t want!!!

The other problem with further away hotels is that once they’ve got you there, you’re trapped.  They tend to be in the surrounding countryside, so you end up having to use their ‘expensive restaurants’ and bars, rather than just being able to walk into town and choose from dozens of restaurants and bars all competing for your business.

Hassle factor 2 if everything goes to plan or 10 if you get stuck in traffic and miss your flight!

Here’s your check-list for Gatwick hotels with parking

#1    Where will my car be parked for the duration of my trip i.e. will I need to move it from the hotel car park to a Long Term car park the morning of my flight?  If you need to move it – forget it!

#2    Does the hotel charge for parking on the night of my stay? If they do – rip off – forget it!

#3    What is the distance of the hotel from the airport?  If it’s more than 2 miles – forget it!

#4    What is the transfer time (hotel to airport)  If it’s more than 5 minutes – forget it!

#5    Is the transfer FREE or is there a charge?  If you have to pay extra – forget it!

#6    Does the transfer service cover the times for both my departure and arrival (when I get back)?  If it doesn’t – forget it!

Small hotels like Springwood cover all these bases and more.  Plus, you get FREE home made cakes and posh Coffee or Tea on arrival… Yum!

Gatwick hotel with onsite parking and free cake

3 main options for Gatwick Hotels with Parking on site