Gatwick Hotels with parking on site – Which is best for you?

Gatwick hotels with parking on site

If you’re looking for Gatwick hotels with parking on site, the chances are you’re trying to find the best place to stay the night before a flight.  Most likely to  avoid an early morning drive to the airport.

If this is you…

Here’s what you need to know

Essentially, you’ve got three main options

#1  Stay at one of the Big Hotels on the airport complex

#2  Stay at Springwood alongside the airport in Horley

#3  Stay at one of the hotels in the surrounding countryside (which connect with Gatwick via a 15-20 minute shuttle)

So what’s the best option for you?

#1  The big hotels on the Gatwick complex

The big hotels are fine unless you’re travelling to the airport by car.

If you’re travelling to the airport by car and you decide to stay at one of the big hotels on the actual Gatwick airport complex – you’re going to pay through-the-nose for your parking.

It’s because…  the big hotels have very limited parking on-site (directly at the hotels).

So, in most cases, you’ll end up parking in one of the Gatwick Long Term car parks.

This will cost you £15 -£20 per day Gatwick hotels with parking onsite

That’s £105 – £140 per week on top of your accommodation costs!

It’s just madness!!

**A weeks holiday parking at Springwood is around £60**

There are of course, various parking options but they all involve HASSLE

For example...

You have to pick vouchers up from the hotel – drive to the parking – catch a bus back to the airport main complex – and haul your luggage to your hotel.

And then do the whole miserable thing again – when you arrive back from your trip.

Even the valet parking is problematic

When you arrive back from your trip, you have to phone the parking company and arrange for them to ‘dig your car out’ of an offsite parking lot – and have it in a pre agreed place when you land.


The whole point of a holiday is to get some Rest and Relaxation.

So what’s the point in spending your hard earned cash – getting yourself all nicely relaxed and then come back to a load of hassle – trying to recover your car?

And paying a massive bill for the pleasure of it!

It makes NO sense does it!

You’re paying for hassle  – and  – the Parking costs a small fortune!

You know you’re being fleeced but what option do you have?

Plenty, read on…

#2 Springwood alongside the airport in Horley (Just 5 minute in our FREE Transfer vehicle)

Springwood has parking on-site and will look after your car while you’re away.

Just STOP and think about that for a second…

a/ It’s more convenientYou simply turn up and park straight at the hotel.  Springwood then look after your car while you’re away.

b/ The parking costs less than any of the other Gatwick parking options

c/  You’ll feel like a VIPSpringwood chauffeur you to the airport for your flight (all 5 minutes away)  SO NO HAULING LUGGAGE

d/ So much nicer – When you arrive back from your trip, Springwood pick you up from the airport and return you to your waiting car.  No HAULLING LUGGAGE or waiting for a bus crammed with tourists, to take you to the Long Term.

Look – with the Big Hotels, when you arrive back from your trip…

#1 You’ll have to fight your way onto one of the parking shuttle buses.

#2  Wobble around, hanging onto a pole for the 5-10 minute journey

#3  Then haul your luggage across the massive car park to your car (if you can remember where you left it!)

#4  and then go through the trauma of having to pay the MASSIVE parking fee

 “What a dreadful way to end a holiday or business trip”

 Seriously…  Who would want that?

The Big hotels are what you’d expect…

They provide a very standardised service.  It’s not bad, it’s just a bit faceless.

Springwood on the other hand…

is family run, by people with a vested interest in making sure you have a fantastic stay and that all your needs are fully catered for.

The big hotels generally have one or two restaurants in the hotel.  And because they’ve got you on site – they can charge you what they like – and they do!

Springwood is surrounded by 20 local restaurants in Horley

All these restaurants are competing for your business.

So they price their meals to attract you – Which means, you get better value.

On top of this, with 20 restaurants to choose from, there’s more variety.

You can choose the food you want, ranging from Italian, French, Fusion, Indian, British etc

So, if you’re searching for either Gatwick hotels south terminal or Gatwick hotels north terminal, the Springwood small hotel (alongside the airport) is a brilliant option – in every sense.

Almost forgot!

#3 Hotels in the surrounding countryside which connect to Gatwick via a 15-20 minute shuttle service

The third option when you’re looking for Gatwick hotels with parking on site, is staying and parking at one of the hotels further away from the airport in the surrounding countryside.

The down side to this, is you then have to face a lengthy transfer on the morning of your flight.

“This is an added stress because

People tend to worry about traffic delays – causing them to miss their flight“

So what’s the point?

Springwood is alongside the airport, just 5 minutes away

  •  with great value on site parking
  • unbeatable attention to detail and service
  • and a two way chauffeur service, that makes your trip an absolute pleasure

So what are your best option if you need Gatwick hotels with parking on site?

Well you decide

but people who stay at Springwood, never go back to the ‘hassle and expense’ of staying and parking at the big Gatwick hotels.

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