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If you’re not familiar with the Gatwick area, read on and it should help you find the best Gatwick Hotel Deals for both hotels and holiday parking.

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Finding the best Gatwick Hotels Deals with Holiday Parking

While everyone wants good value for money, what’s also important is to get a relaxing start to your holiday and not bring Basil Fawlty to mind. So when considering Gatwick Hotel Deals, what you see is often – not what you end up getting!

So here’s a breakdown of things to check…

#1  Is breakfast included?  Extra charges for breakfast can be punitive.

Gatwick Hotel Deals - Hotel with best breakfast - Image of Continental Breakfast

#2  Is the hotel near local restaurants and pubs? 

The chances are, you’re going to need something to eat/drink on the night of your stay and you don’t want to be limited to the hotel restaurant!  This is because, your choice of food will be limited and they often ‘jack up the prices’ because they’ve got you as a captive audience!

For example, if you stay at a hotel like Springwood in Horley (right next to the airport), you’ve got a choice of around 15 restaurants and pubs to chose from.  Here are just 6 of them…

ZenosItalian / 13 Massetts Rd, Horley RH6 7PR / 01293 772225

ShirazTurkish  / 11 Massetts Rd, Horley RH6 7PR / 01293 776309

White Lotus Thai / 167 Victoria Rd, Horley RH6 7AR / 01293 824474

The Curry BengalIndian / 25 Station Rd, Horley RH6 9HW / 01293 784255

Il SorrisoItalian / 2 Consort Way E, Horley, Gatwick RH6 7AU / 01293 432227

Curry InnIndian / 5-6 Massetts Rd, Horley RH6 7PP / 01293 784888

Gatwick Hotel Deals - Tasty Plate of food

#3  Also consider how far away from the airport the hotel is located.  There are many hotels that sell themselves as serving Gatwick but are in fact quite a long way from the airport.

For example, one of the big hotel offering Gatwick parking, states on their website that they are 4 miles from the airport. But when you check this via AA Route Planner, you’ll discover that they are in fact 7.5 miles from Gatwick.

And if that’s not bad enough, the hotel in question is situated at the top of a very steep winding hill, in the Surrey countryside.  In the winter (when it snows) this hill can become treacherous or even unusable.  Not great if you’ve got a flight to catch!

#4  Will your car stay on site?  Many Gatwick hotels that offer holiday parking, have no space to keep the cars on site and so, move your car elsewhere while you’re away!  Firstly, if you’re happy with this… It’s important to make sure they are insured to do it?  Otherwise, if it’s damaged, you’ll be lucky to get them to cover the cost of repair.

On-site Hotel Parking included in Gatwick Hotel stay park and fly deal

On top of this, it’s not uncommon for cars to be left in muddy fields.

#5  Is the transfer to the airport included in the tariff?  If not, that’s another ‘pesky extra’ to pay. It could be anything up to £10 per person.  Also…  Don’t forget to check on how often the transfers run. There’s nothing worse than just seeing your bus leave and having to wait up to 45 minutes in the cold for the next one to arrive.

While some headline rates for accommodation and parking may look a great deal, when you take these details into account they may not be as good as they look at first sight. It pays to do your homework before booking.

Hope this helps.

The team at Springwood Gatwick

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