Gatwick Airport Hotel Parking Deals – How to avoid being duped!

There’s a bewildering choice of accommodation providers offering what look like ‘very cheap’ Gatwick airport hotel and parking deals.

Gatwick Airport hotel parking deals - Image showing plump blue towels on a hotel bed

However… before you make your choice, make sure you check out the small print to know exactly what is and ‘what’s not’ included under the ‘headline’ offer.

For example…

To check out the ‘real cost’ of Gatwick Airport Hotel Parking Deals

When booking, ask these questions…

  1. How far from the airport is the hotel located?
  2. How will you get from the hotel to the airport?
  3. How will you get from the airport to your hotel (to collect your car), upon your return from your holiday/trip?
  4. How long is the transfer time and how long will you have to wait? Some hotels are way out in the countryside.  Springwood, in contrast, is only 1.7 miles from south terminal
  5. Will you have to pay extra for breakfast? Some hotels charge £15 per person for breakfast!
  6. Is parking on the night of your stay FREE or is there a charge?

Many of the hotel deals ‘forget to mention’ little details like…

  1. the hotel charges you to take you to the airport.  £5 per person extra!
  2. the hotel charge you extra to pick you up from the airport (when you get back). £5 per person!
  3. the hotel charges you extra for breakfast – up to £15 extra per person!
  4. the hotel charges you extra for parking the night of your stay – up to £25 extra!

If you stay at Springwood, we charge you £zero pounds for any of this – It’s all FREE or included!!!

Then there’s the question of ‘convenience’ versus ‘inconvenience’ and hassle

With many hotels, you could find yourself having to wait up to half an hour for the large bus to take you to the airport and crucially – you may have the same wait to be collected on the way back!

In contrast, at Springwood, you can choose your own transfer time.

Upon your return, the Springwood driver will get to the pick-up point, to collect you – in under 10 minutes!

So remember to check out what’s included in your hotel deal apart from the parking and transfers.

Will you have to pay extra for breakfast? Many hotels charge up to a massive £15 per person for breakfast.

Here at Springwood not only is your breakfast included but we will welcome you with complimentary homemade cake, plus a tasty cup of Nespresso Coffee (or Twinnings Tea).

That’s what people love about Springwood – No pesky extra costs!

At Springwood you get to also choose from a wide range of restaurants, all within a short walk, rather than having to suffer abysmal value, just because they’ve got you as a ‘captive audience’ in their hotel in the countryside or on the airport.

So in summary…

When looking for the best Gatwick Airport Hotel Parking Deals

Here’s what you get when you stay at Springwood

  1. Super fast transfer times without you having to wait… Springwood is just 1.7 miles from the airport (just 5 minutes away)
  2. FREE Transfers to the airport at a time to suit you
  3. FREE Transfers from the airport upon your return within 10 minutes of your call (i.e. to return you to Springwood to collect your car)
  4. Breakfast is included. There are no extra charges for breakfast!
  5. Parking on the night of your stay is completely FREE
  6. Holiday parking is very competitively priced (and your car will be kept on-site safely here at Springwood) Helping you save money on gatwick airport parking!

Here’s why people choose Springwood

Gatwick hotel and parking south terminal

Lots of our guests fly from Gatwick South Terminal.  They stay at Springwood because the parking is a lot more convenient.  At Springwood, you literally arrive, park and relax.  There’s nothing more to do with your car!

In comparison, when you stay at one of the ‘on airport’ South Terminal Hotels, you’ve always got the hassle of dealing with your car!  This is because the Gatwick hotel with parking at the south terminal, can’t provide holiday parking on site.  So you end up having to get your car into one of the Gatwick Long Term parking facilities.  Then of course… You have to also go through the same aggravation, when you get back from your holiday i.e. hump your luggage on shuttle buses, wobble around hanging on to a pole for 10 minutes or so and then hunt your car down in one of the massive car parks.  And then pay the huge ‘rip off’ parking fees!

Gatwick hotel and parking north terminal

Gatwick hotel and parking north terminal, it’s the same story!  People book to stay at Springwood to avoid having to stay at Gatwick North Terminal hotels.  They just don’t want all the hassle dealing with car parking.  And they like even less, the expensive parking costs.

Some of these on airport hotels even charge you for parking on the night of your actual stay.  Often as much as £25!!!  Springwood would never do that.  That’s totally fleecing your customers.  At Springwood, the night of your stay, the parking is absolutely FREE of charge.  And at Springwood, the holiday parking is a lot better value too.

Gatwick hotels with parking for 15 days

Springwood often run special offers for one night hotel with parking for 15 days (or any number of days for that matter).  Check out our special offers section or call us directly on 01293 775 998 to find out what the latest deal is!