How To Really Blow Away The Cobwebs!

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FB Blog - How To Really Blow Away CobwebsBrands Hatch is one of the premier racing circuits in the UK, located near Swanley in Kent and a 35 minute drive from Springwood Guesthouse.

Unbelievably it was originally a simple dirt track motorcycle circuit on farmland, but its development into one of the world’s favourite racing circuits, brought a unique combination of fearsome corners, dips and cambers. It has been host to 12 British Grand Prix’s starting from the infamous Brabham Straight, with Paddock Hill Bend remaining one of the greatest racing corners in the world, plunging drivers downhill fast into a blind corner.

Now one of the world’s most iconic sporting venues it plays host to a multitude of prestigious motorsport events and driving experiences on both two and four wheels.

We thought we’d share just some of the more popular ones:

BRDC Formula 4 Winter Series

If you are interested in visiting Brands Hatch as a spectator, then a great annual event is the BRDC Formula 4 Winter Series where a healthy grid of aspiring single seater stars set to take cente stage.  Expect to see returning drivers from the ‘summer’ championship as well as some new faces at this event.

This event will utilise an open paddock format, allowing fans to meet the teams and drivers as well as get a closer look at the racing machines in preparation.

Mudmaster 4 x 4 Experience

No chance of bad weather spoiling your fun on this experience where you get behind the wheel of a Land Rover Defender, in fact the muddier the better.

Mudmaster offers a chance to try out fearsome driving skills, needing your utmost concentration and test of nerves, on a purpose built obstacle course covering axle twisting gradients, sheer drops and deep water passes. This really is your chance to find out what a 4×4 was designed for!

Race Master

Live out your Grand Prix dream by driving some of the fastest track cars around on one of the world’s best race circuits.

RaceMaster gets you as close to the F1 dream without having the surname ‘Button’ as you hit the track in two exhilarating vehicles – the mighty BMW M3 and a high performance single seater race car.


Enjoy an authentic, tail-out rally-driving experience. RallyMaster puts you as close as you’ll get to rally driving without having to possess a competition licence.

To find out more about future events and driving experiences why not visit or call 0843 453 9000

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