Are you looking for a bed and breakfast near Gatwick Airport?

Perhaps, for the night before a flight?

With on-site holiday parking that costs a lot less than the Gatwick Long Term parking providers or the big hotels?

Giving you, total peace of mind… knowing your car will remain safe ‘on site’ for the duration of your trip?

With a FREE transfer service* both ‘to the airport’, on the morning of your flight, and ‘from the airport’, back to your car upon your return?

With zero hassle – everything taken care of?

This is why people choose Springwood

Best Bed and breakfast near Gatwick Airbort

Springwood Gatwick

Springwood is one of Gatwick’s premier Guest Housesone of the very best!

  • Beautiful art deco themed rooms
  • As close to the airport as you can get without being on it
  • Plenty of on-site parking
  • Great value Holiday Parking
  • Close to a dozen decent restaurants that offer tasty ‘great value’ food.

Isn’t this what everyone wants..?

A nice hassle free experience i.e.

      1. Arrive
      2. Park your car
      3. and… Relax!


      • The choice of a dozen decent ‘great value’ local restaurants
      • A comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep
      • Simple, fast, reliable FREE* transfer (5 minutes) to the airport
      • Simple, fast, reliable pick-up (upon your return)
      • Find your car – right where you left it – safe at Springwood!

This is what you can expect at Springwood

It’s why thousands of people choose Springwood each and every year

Guest Room at Gatwick Bed and Breakfast

How you benefit when choosing Springwood over the Big on-airport Gatwick Hotels

The main problem guests have when staying at the Big ‘on-airport’ hotels boils down to three things…




#1     This is the big one – Holiday parking at Springwood costs less!

At the time of writing, here’s an example of the saving our customers make

Hilton On-site              Springwood On-Site

9 days  £159              9 days £63

That’s a whopping saving of £96

So, with Springwood…

you’ll have an extra £96 to spend on yourself, while you’re away on holiday.

That’s a good few extra…

Gin & Tonics

Long Island Ice Teas

or whatever your tipple of the moment is!

And that’s a heck of a lot more of an exciting way to spend your money

when compared to say…  paying for rip-off-parking!

Don’t you agree?

By the way…  Here’s what the rooms look like at Springwood:

Bed and Breakfast near Gatwick Airport showing a Guest Room

#2    At Springwood, you also don’t get fleeced on parking on the night of your stay… 

Most of the on-airport hotels charge you for parking even on the night of your stay –  It can be as much as £15 What a Rip off!

At Springwood, parking on the night of your stay is absolutely FREE

FREE of charge!!!

#3    Parking hassle factor… 

Most of the ‘on airport’ Gatwick Hotels have limited (if any) Holiday Parking spaces.

So, in most cases, holiday parking will involve YOU moving your car to one of the Gatwick Long Term parking facilities.

  • i.e. you’ll have to drive it there
  • Then find a bus stop
  • Catch a bus back to the airport.  If it’s busy it’s Hell!
  • Walk back to your hotel or straight to check-in before your flight.
  • Then you have to go through the same rigmarole, when you return from your trip.

Seriously…  Who in their right mind would want all this additional hassle?

And of course…

When you pick up your car and get to the barrier…

  • You’ll get the good news!on how much cost you’ve racked up be leaving your car standing on a few square feet of tarmac for a couple of weeks!

You’ll pay by Credit Card and try not to think about it!

Pretend it’s nothing!!

But deep down…

… You’ll feel like you’ve been robbed!

So, if you’re looking for a Bed and Breakfast near Gatwick Airport (or any other kind of hotel accommodation), what do you think is the best option for you?

#1        Springwood Gatwick

    • Hassle free parking directly at Springwood
    • Great value holiday parking – saving you money!
    • Reliable Free Transfers
    • Great value food – 20 local restaurants to choose from

#2        The Big hotels right there on the airport

    • Parking hassles
    • Rip off Parking fees
    • You get charged also for parking on the night of your stay
    • Expensive food – limited choice

NOTE *  Transfers are completely FREE of charge to all customers that Book Directly with Springwood via our website or via the link on this page.  For all our customers that book via an online partner, say for example…, transfers are charged at cost, which is £6 per journey.