A Happy Ending

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We all love a story with a happy ending. This one is a corker!

Some weeks ago on a Saturday, following a last minute booking online from a Norwegian lady, I went to the airport to collect Inger-Lise. She looked a little distressed, so I asked her if everything was alright?

Sadly, it wasn’t. Inger-Lise should have been travelling to Barbados that day to meet with friends for their holiday. She and her husband were travelling to Barbados on different flights. She had seen her husband off on an earlier flight but when she came to check in for her flight, she realised she had lost her passport!

Hunt the Passport

Prolonged enquiries to the airport’s lost property office and British Airways came to nothing.The last straw was seeing her plane on the tarmac ready to leave.

Inger-Lise faced kicking her heels here for the week-end and going to the Norwegian Embassy in London on the Monday. She wasn’t sure even then how long it would take to get a temporary passport.

Wendy (our lovely manager) met Inger-Lise the next morning when she was back on duty. Inger-Lise had by then found out that her husband, had found her passport in his luggage!

She went back to the airport that morning to see if she would be able to travel with a faxed copy of her passport. This was refused.

A Cunning Plan

Meanwhile, Wendy had come up with a great plan. Our guests Mr & Mrs L were on a cruise and due to fly into Gatwick from Barbados the next morning to collect their car from Springwood on their way home.

Wendy contacted Steve and Maureen to ask them if they would be so kind as to meet Inger-Lise’s husband in the Departures hall of Bridgetown Airport and bring her passport back to Gatwick. They kindly agreed.

Wendy arranged everything with timings and including instructions for Inger-Lise’s husband to have a big placard with Steve and Maureen’s name on it so that they would be able to find him.

Inger-Lise re-booked her flight for Monday morning and it was with some trepidation that she and Wendy waited for Steve’s call from Gatwick for collection.

A Happy Ending

Sure enough, they all met at our pick up point and Inger-Lise was happily reunited with her passport. She took off for Barbados a couple of hours later.

Wendy bought Steve and Maureen back to Springwood where they were grateful for a ‘proper’ cup of tea. Their last day in Barbados had been a bit traumatic after disembarking their cruise not least because it was raining stair rods.

They said they felt a bit like Secret Agents carrying Inger-Lise’s passport. We were able to reassure them that they had done nothing illegal (we had checked).

Here is a very grateful Inger-Lise enjoying her holiday in Barbados with her husband.

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